How to tie a bow tie.

How to tie a bow tie.

How to tie a bow tie.

Why is it perceived to be SO very hard to tie a bow tie?

Personally I think it is because we’ve all been brainwashed by decades of films where the man tries to his bow tie, makes a hash of it, and it’s his wife/girlfriend/mother, who somehow knows how to turn his knotty nonsense into a perfectly formed result, and saves the day!

My intention here, initially, was to offer one video on ‘How To Tie A Bow Tie’ etc. but then I thought, ” Hey! Show them ALL. Let the visitors vote for their favorite…

Are you up for it? Might be fun…

OK, bow tie training video number #1 - easier to do on a dummy than on oneself methinks so this: ’simply do this and voila ‘ technique, I’m afraid just doesn’t do it for me! Is this aimed at men wanting to tie their own bow tie or at their partners so they can do it for them?

Here’s a far better attempt at showing how to tie a bow tie by our old chum Steven Ferry, Chairman of the International Institute of Modern Butlers…. this man knows where his pivotal hole is…

How to tie a bow tie - video #3. Pretty good and a nice camera angle….