Guide to eBooks and the Reader from Sony

Guide to eBooks and the Reader from Sony

The guide to eBooks and the Reader from Sony is here to inform and help troubleshoot through:

Installing the required software

Your eBook Library disc will be included with your Reader from Sony, along with all information documents and a USB cable.

Once you have inserted the eBook Library disc you will be given three options. To start, select the eBooks Library to install the software on your computer. This software is required to manage all eBooks between your computer and Reader from Sony.

*If installation was not successful please refer to the manual that came with the Reader from Sony for further help.

Once installation of the eBooks Library is complete you will be taken back to the original choice of three options. Next, select Adobe Digital Edtions. You will also find a link to install Adobe Digital Editions when viewing any eBook on

Without the installation of this software you will not be able to download any eBooks to your computer.

*You must have an Internet connection to download Adobe Digital Editions.

You will be taken to the Sony website to install the software. A pop-up box will appear once you have selected 'Install'. Follow the installation procedure until the download begins. Once the download is complete you will be asked to accept a User Agreement. Without acceptance you cannot continue the download and eBooks cannot be download onto your computer.

When the download has finished a 'Setup Assistance' will begin. At this stage you must enter your Adobe ID. If you do not have an Adobe ID you must create one. You can do this be clicking on 'get an adobe ID online'. Doing so will take you to the Adobe website where you can create the required Adobe ID.

Once this is complete you must authorise your computer for the Reader from Sony. If you do not authorise the computer you cannot transfer eBooks you have downloaded onto your Reader.

To make things easier, we recommend that you use the same registration details to authorise your computer and to create an Adobe Digital Editions account.

You have now successfully downloaded and installed all necessary software to use the Reader from Sony!

Downloading an eBook

Once you have successfully purchased your eBook on you will be taken to the order confirmation page where you can download your eBook by clicking on the 'Download' icon. Your eBook will be automatically saved in your newly created 'My Digital Editions' folder located in 'My Documents'. If a box appears on screen asking if you want to open the eBook or save it - select the 'Open' option. The eBook download will now begin and will be saved automatically on to your computer. If you have chosen the 'Save' option, you can open the eBook by clicking on the icon called 'ebx'.

A box will appear on screen called Device Setup Assistant if you have not yet authorised your Reader. Please now authorise your Reader by clicking 'Authorise Device'.

Purchased eBooks can be found in the 'My Account' section of If you are unsuccessful in downloading your eBook, you have access to download the eBook a further two times (three times max). If after three attempts you are still unable to download an eBook, please contact customer services.