Choosing a Diamond

Choosing a Diamond

How to choose a Diamond

Whether you're looking for a diamond ring, a diamond necklace, a pair of diamond earrings or a diamond bracelet, a piece of diamond jewellery is a significant purchase so you'll want to make an educated decision.

Once you've decided on the type of diamond jewellery you want, consider the style. Do you want something classic, something very modern or something a little unusual?

When you're buying for love, someone take note of the styles she admires on others, in advertisements or in jewellers' windows. Would she prefer a yellow gold or white gold setting? Two colour gold is versatile and increasingly popular. For something truly radiant, go for platinum.

"A diamond is timeless. Take your time"

3 gold ringsTake your time - a diamond is an emotional investment, cherished for not only what it's worth, but for what it represents.

Of course, a diamond is also a financial investment. Its desirability and value has remained undiminished over the centuries. You'll want to buy the best diamond you can afford but you'll always find one to suit your budget. You don't need to spend a fortune to get a stunning diamond.

Perhaps the most important diamond purchase of all is a diamond engagement ring. A bride begins to glow with the proposal and with the ring. The rule of thumb is to spend one month's salary but this is just a guideline. If you've chosen your diamond with love, she's sure to love it too.

If you're surprising her with a diamond ring, find out her ring size by 'borrowing' a ring from her jewellery box. If you're choosing your diamond ring together, why not use our free ring sizer?

When it comes to choosing the diamond itself, you may find that one diamond appears even more beautiful than another, and that two diamonds that look alike have completely different values. To understand why, you need to look at the 4 Cs - colour, clarity, carat and cut.