About Us

About Us

SitemakersWe help boost online sales, increase conversion rates and reduce basket abandonment

Sitemakers Ltd is a leading provider of ecommerce storefront solutions for independent retailers.

Our LiquidShop ecommerce platform is supported by an in-house website design team and, in addition, all users receive ongoing support and training to help them to make the most of their online retail store.

Many third-party systems including accounting, EPOS and stock management also integrate with LiquidShop, making it the perfect solution for an ambitious ecommerce business.

A scalable solution that grows with you

At Sitemakers we are single-minded in the pursuit of ecommerce success for our clients. All of our services are built around this principle and at the centre is our ecommerce platform, LiquidShop.

LiquidShop is the subject of a continual programme of development; our in-house team works on updates and feature improvements that are then made available to all users. This structured development programme ensures a stable, supported platform for your ecommerce business; which means your website is always up-to-date and benefiting from regular enhancements.

The recent growth of multichannel retailing means that, for many retailers, ecommerce is just one sales channel. The LiquidShop storefront can be linked, via our partners, with many EPOS, stock management, RMS and accounting systems to ensure seamless co-ordination between your stores, website, mail order and telephone sales.

As your business grows, LiquidShop grows with you. No need to change platform, or replace expensive hardware. Our hosted, on-demand services mean that you can use the resources you need, when you need them, matching your costs to the performance of your ecommerce business.

We listen, oh boy do we listen

We love to see success, it’s what motivates us and gets us out of bed in the morning.

Seeing our clients succeed using our system only encourages us to develop LiquidShop further. We listen to our retailers’ needs, so much so we have in place a powerful system, called Uservoice, that allows you, as a LiquidShop user, to provide feedback to us by recommending and voting for new features. We believe this input from retailers is one of the reasons that makes LiquidShop so powerful and the reason why so many of our clients are seeing significant year-on-year growth.